Web Services


The Best, Affordable Website Solutions

Today, many of our clients look to us for more in-depth full service solutions, and that includes services around the technology space. With our Data Services division, we have added Web and Internet solutions to the mix. If your company is in need of anything in the webspace, from updating your current website, adding new functionality, creating an online store, adding mobile friendly solutions and more, look to TelSouth for answers.

We have partnered with one of the leading web development companies in Florida (based in Tampa), with more than 20 years of Internet experience, having developed thousands of websites, brands and marketing solutions. In fact, this website, our brand and marketing materials have all been developed by our Partner.

Best of all, we have negotiated discounted rates for our customers to enjoy state of the art solutions at a fraction of the cost they charge their stand alone clients.

Ask us about our offerings and we’ll connect you with our partner to get you into a shiny new solution!