VOIP And Hosted Solutions


VOIP And Hosted Solutions

Have you been told that your company would benefit from a VOIP or Hosted voice solution?

When used correctly, VOIP is a fantastic application, used incorrectly and it can be disastrous to your company, causing loss of business and many headaches. In fact, VOIP is commonly mis-sold and not used for the right application.

A hosted solution can have benefits for some small companies, but you have to be very careful with what product you choose, and again, it’s specific application. To determine if Hosted Voice or VOIP would benefit your company, feel free to contact one of our sales professionals for a no cost, no obligation consultation. We take great pride in understanding the complex issues surrounding VOIP, including both Premise based and Hosted products.

Our NEC SV8000 products are all VOIP compatible, including SIP Trunking capabilities, as well as VOIP Inter-office networking and connectivity.

If you are looking for Hosted or Cloud based products, we are proud to offer both NEC and Windstream Hosted solutions.